Aries (2000)


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  1. I was in a lot of events in Valladolid (Tudela, Laguna de Duero, Medina del Campo…)

    Dylan Drazen, Oliver Ho, Cristian Varela, Mulero, Wavesound… What memories sniff sniff 🙁

  2. Pelase delete “sniff sniff” of my last post because i thinked has another mean. I want to say”cry cry”

    Sorry for my english Dylan but you know people in Spain doesnt speak english very well.

  3. The track at -23:19… no chance of getting the title of that one? I think I have been looking for that since I heard this mix back in 2000. Lost it when my car stereo was stolen and just found it now. So many great tracks on here. It was the reason i searched long and hard for Aural Exciter! Thanks Dylan!

  4. Ufff si no recuerdo mal estuve viendos allí en directo junto a Cristian.
    Desde ese día fuiste mi favorito y se te ha echado mucho de menos.
    Una grandísima alegría volver a reencontrarte

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