Down South (2013)


2 thoughts on “Down South (2013)”

  1. Classic Drazen medicine for the deep house blues. Love your shit bro.. started to listening to you back in your NY days.

  2. hey

    I finally figured it out… this bugged me for years. On this mix, about half way in, you have the MJ – De La Soul break (44:44 – 46:15) and I always thought that it was so smooth, so right…

    I felt like I was in Inception (the sound version of it anyways)… the feeling of Deja Vu was like creepily strong ….. I even began to believe (which I know is truly wrong) that the De La Soul break was part of some renegade’ DJ’s Can’t Help It mix

    Then I remembered this….

    In Summertime 5, Jazzy Jeff comes out of Can’t Help It, you guessed it, De La Soul’s Break a dawn.

    Reference or 100% coincidence? You decide …

    Anyway, I think you did it way better

    Have been listening to this mix on heavy rotation for a couple of years now. One of my favourite mixes that you have shared with us…. please keep em coming.

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