Only Deep (2003)


5 thoughts on “Only Deep (2003)”

  1. I’ve recorded this in one tape to listen in my car (No cd player on that days). I think that probably this is the mix most played in my car during the last ten years. Epic

  2. Dylan, i friend of mine gave me a recording of this set many years ago on cd and said I had to listen to thiis!!
    I recently found the unmarked disc in one of my boxes in storage, but couldn’t remember the name of the dj……fast forward 5 days, and last night in bed I suddenly remembered, “Dylan Drazen”!!!!!
    This mix and the tracks on here are sublime, still fresh to my ears, and as you say, recorded for the love by the artists.
    Wish I’d known you back in 2000, I would have had you come to South Africa to play in my club.
    Thanks for keeping it real, and also doing such a great job archiving these mixes.

  3. Never got a chance to say thank you. Your mixes and talking to you and your sister through email saved my life. Gracious.

  4. This mix kept me company for years through the bad and good times, listening to it again brings back so many nostalgic memories! Thank You

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