The Techno Files | 001

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    Well done Dylan.
    Thanks so much for introducing this incredible music to me.

    Thinking about the amount of work that went into creating this collection is daunting.

    In a world where electronic music has so many access points we take for granted that not all that long ago finding underground techno was a totally different experience. It’s hard to believe the determination, drive and passion you had for finding the greatest new techno records as a very young DJ who happens to have a mathematical mind for timing and a deep soulful feel for what moves people around the world.

    For so many of us that take music for granted today, so much of this music is lost. Fortunately for us you had the foresight to recognize the incredible talent this collection represents.

    Here’s some of what I know you had to go through to assemble your vast collection of techno history.

    1. Learning about when these records were dropping.
    2. Rushing to get to the shops before these limited number of new releases sold out.
    3. Knowing the right independent record shops which were not in the safest places in NYC.
    4. Making choices because you could not get everything you wanted.
    5. Listening, learning and developing your own personal connection to the music that was so far from anything you could hear on the radio in NYC.
    6. Choosing what to mix in your studio, customizing sounds that truly touched audiences.
    7. Lugging this vinyl all over the world, spinning it to huge gigs that brought you to Madrid, London, Amsterdam, Japan, not to mention your hometowns of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Miami.
    8. Holding on to what must be hundreds of pounds of vinyl for so many years, taking it with you wherever you moved.
    9. Cleaning the decades old vinyl, involving some really expensive equipment and a lot of time.
    10. Remastering these classics into digital form, which I know takes a painstaking level of patience. It’s not just “drop the album on the turntable and press a button.”
    11. Now, new generations of Techno fans have a place to hear your personal window to an incredibly rare selection of music that represents your love for this breakthrough musical art form.

    Thats pretty cool.
    Thanks Dylan!

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